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Our Experts

Doni (Don-knee)

Global Expert

Global Nomad, Military Brat, culturally- and racially-blended CULTURS publisher, Northern Colorado-based Doni (Don-knee), MBA, is a former Denver Post Columnist, media personality and lifestyle expert. She is founder of the Culturs Global Multicultural Lifestyle Network, which is dedicated to Embracing Liminal Identity, Uncovering Hidden Diversity, & Celebrating Cultural Mobility through broadcast, print & web media.  Identifying with seven countries and cultures before adulthood, Ambrosine is passionate about educating others about and creating community for mobile populations.

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Dr. Paulette Bethel

Relationship Expert

Former Army Luitenant, mother to Third Culture Kids, culturally- and racially-blended Hawaii-based Dr. Paulette Bethel, American Family Therapist and relationship expert on the importance of transition and its affect on relationships. Breakthrough coaching. Helps people break through barriers. Transition adjustment expert.

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Myra Dumapias

Third Culture Kid Expert

San Antonio-based Third Culture Kid Expert, Myra Dumapias is Executive Director of, a private forum to help TCKs find a sense of belonging. TCKid has been featured on the BBC, ABC News, The Telegraph, the U.S. Department of Defense and Education Week. Dumapias transformed into a 501(c)(3) nonprofit public charity and implemented new programs such as TCKid Research Bridge, which aims to promote global cross-cultural research studies and cultivate the relationship between researchers and the public, and TCKid TV, to inform the public and entertain TCK and cross-cultural communities.

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NOHEMÍ Molano Lewis

Global Expert

NOHEMÍ Molano Lewis was born in back-country Colombia on a mountaintop homestead where panthers and boa constrictors roamed.  She helped her mother raise eleven children because her father was assassinated.  As a young mother, she was abandoned with three children.  Still, she became educated and multilingual.   The 83-year-old journalist, writer and author of 24 books now lives in Hawaii, enjoying her American Dream.  Her newest published books include the novel “COLOMBINA Searching for Happiness,” available in English, Spanish and French, and her International book of poetry “A JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE with Wisdom to Share,” available in English.

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Crystal McDonald-Lewis

London Guide

As a correspondent in our newly-formed London office, Crystal McDonald-Lewis is Culturs’ Trinidad born London-dweller.  McDonald-Lewis migrating to London in 2004 after marrying a British citizen, and after 10yrs of marriage, she currently is separated and on a journey of self RE-discovery!  Follow McDonald-Lewis as she checks out all London has to offer with new eyes, and a fresh spirit.

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Kameron McMillion

Global Expert

11-year-old Colorado, U.S.A. native,  Kameron McMillion is older sister to Koryn, age 7, and Kai, age 3.  She has traveled to many places, including Hawaii and Mexico and experienced numerous cultures. Already a veteran at achieving large goals, McMillion recently was featured in a commercial for Saving Pandas, a new app that helps spread awareness about conservation with each download. She also serves as spokesperson for Singapore’s “Saving Pandas.” McMillion hopes her column will educate people about different cultures and feels that everyone should remember, “different isn’t bad; it is just different and our differences are what make cultures unique.”

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Sonja Motley

Fashion Expert

Army Brat, Global Nomad and style expert, Denver-based Sonja Motley, brings two decades of work with high-fashion models, designer labels, celebrated photographers and merchandising into focus with a global view of fashion.

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LaTonia Robinson

Fashion Industry Expert

Culturally-blended Third Culture Kid, plus-sized model and celebrity-fundraising coordinator Miami-based LaTonia Robinson, gives a glimpse into the world of plus-sized modeling and its specific value to diverse populations, as well as, reporting on style trends and news within the fashion industry.

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Karynne Summars

European Travel, Culture, & Entertainment Expert

Karynne Summars, author of the contemporary romance thriller “Desperate Pursuit in Venice,” was born and raised in Berlin, Germany. She currently lives in New York and Marbella, Spain. Certain of her work and life experiences provided a good basis for this debut novel, the story touches on important current issues designed to bring awareness to those finding themselves in similar situations in real life. Summars is the winner of the 2014 MARSocial Author-of-the-Year Award and Executive Producer of the 2014 psychological thriller feature film “Disturbed.”

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Yvette Vega

Mind/Body Expert

Long Island, New York-based Yvette Vega (born to Puerto Rican parents of Taino Indian decent) is an award winning filmmaker for “Pieces of Courage” which showcases Latino cultural heroes including John Leguizamo & Shamans of Cuban decent.  She is author of  Endorphins Mind & Body Fitness systems which empower drug free healing.  Working on three continents, Vega has a specialty in belly dance, meditation, yoga & sound fitness. She brings knowledge of holistic health and experience working with neurobehavioral research experts to CULTURS in her column about removing life obstacles to create the life you want.

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Ilaria Vilkelis

Expat Expert

International executive coach, culturally-blended global nomad and TCK mom,  London based Ilaria Vilkelis, is author of Your Happy Home Quest. She helps CULTURS readers  explore how to thrive beyond cultures feel at home anywhere in the world.

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Donna Musil

BRAT Expert

Donna Musil is an American documentary filmmaker, writer and activist exploring the subculture of U.S. military brats. She wrote and directed the award-winning 2006 documentary Brats: Our Journey Home, a film about growing up the child of a military family and the effect it has on that child’s adult life. She is also the founder of Brats Without Borders, a nonprofit organization dedicated to increasing awareness, celebration and support for military brats and other third culture children.
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Olivia Charlet

Third Culture Kid & Dating Expert

Olivia Charlet is an adult Third Culture Kid with a French father and Belgian mother. Born in Tokyo, she then lived in Dusseldorf, Johannesburg, Vienna and Hamburg, all before the age of 18. Charlet completed a Bachelor’s in Finance at the School of Management at Boston University and – having earned a Master’s in Organizational Psychology and Psychiatry at King’s College – now lives in London, UK. She is the founder of TCK Dating, a dating platform for adult third culture kids and adult cross-cultural kids living in London.

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Tayo Rockson

Third Culture Kid Expert

Tayo Rockson is is an authority on Third Culture Kids and assimilation into new cultures. He is an avid writer whose work can be seen in the Huffington Post as well as Global Living magazine. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide To TCK Living and through his podcast and blog, he is heard and read by thousands of people in over 100 countries. He grew up in four different continents and now currently resides in New York City where he frequently strikes conversations with random people.

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